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Kaivo is a biotech company created to bring new drugs derived from animal venoms to the market, bridging the gap between academic research and commercial launch of the product. We in-license patents obtained from advanced academic research and coordinate all aspects for the drug candidate to reach its full market potential, including regulatory requirements, marketing, patent advancements and more.


Develop innovative biological products obtained from animal venoms and based in stablished knowledge and techniques, for human and veterinary health.


Become a relevant source of bio-drugs for the main pharmaceutical industries.


We are extremely fond of team spirit – we value loyalty, candor, trust and ethics, aiming at optimal results for the company, its employees and investors.

R & D

To develop its products, Kaivo works together with research centers from the best universities and pharma industries, advancing new technologies to enhance current therapies already available in the market and create new ones, following the most rigid security norms and good practices.

Supported by its staff´s extensive experience in the medical market launching new products, Kaivo develops all necessary aspects to support translational research and create strategies for marketing, regulatory needs, logistic arrangements, packaging, quality control, consumer communication and more.